About Cellogen Therapeutics

Over the last decade, the impressive clinical outcome of cell and gene-based therapies has given a new hope for the patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. Cellular and gene therapies have transformed the therapeutic landscape by providing long-lasting and permanent cure. However, these therapeutic modalities are currently expensive and limited to a few countries. Our vision is to make these revolutionary therapies available to masses, particularly for the patients in India where the majority of the patients cannot afford the cost. By indigenously manufacturing these therapeutic modalities, we will provide a convenient and cost-effective solution.


We at Cellogen Therapeutics use advanced cellular engineering methods and gene therapy-based approaches to various hematological malignancies, solid tumors and hemoglobinopathies. We are a group of professionals with diverse expertise and common interest in rapidly implementing and developing CAR-T in India. Some of us worked in UK, USA and other part of the world in major academic laboratories and NCI Comprehensive Cancer Centers and have continued our clinical and research activities in Indian research laboratories and Bone Marrow Transplant units, including Apollo Hospitals, while others still work in the United States, providing a great potential for bilateral interactions between Indian and US laboratories and clinics.

Cellogen Therapeutics has conceptualized and designed state of arts third and fourth generation CAR constructs for B-Cell Malignancies and innovative gene editing solution for beta hemoglobin disorders (Transfusion Dependent Thalassemia bar Cycle cell Disease). Cellogen aims to manufacture them indigenously right from scratch for which Cellogen Therapeutics has knowledge sharing agreement with prestigious institutions like CSIR-IGIB, CSIR-IICB and Jamia Melia University.

We are also exploring the application of CAR-T and NK cell-based therapy against solid tumors, which is the highest burden of cancer in the world. The current CAR-T cell therapy has shown less efficacy towards solid tumors, but there are provisions to use innovative next-generation designs which will mitigate the barrier posed by solid tumor microenvironment. We at Cellogen Therapeutics are using inducible Cell based systems in combination with oncolytic viruses to treat solid tumors.