Cellogen Therapeutics

“Cellogen Therapeutics” is biotech startup which is striving today to come up with innovative cell therapy-based solutions for a healthy tomorrow.

Cellogen Therapeutics

We at Cellogen Therapeutics use advanced cellular engineering methods and gene therapy-based approaches to cure various hematological malignancies, solid tumors, hemoglobinopathies and other inherited and metabolic disorders.

Why Cellogen Therapeutics has the potential to lead the revolution

“The cells of next generation”

Innovative cellular therapies to transform cancer treatment worldwide

Discover our broad pipeline of next generation CAR-T immunotherapies.

Our Leadership Team is comprised of dedicated cell and gene therapy experts

CAR-T Cells

CAR-T cell therapy is a cell-based immunotherapy approach in which patients' own immune cells are activated ex-vivo to fight against the disease. Recent advancement in the field has led to the approval of ten CAR-T cell-based therapies against hematological malignancies by the USA Food and Drug Administration. As of now there are no approved CAR-T based therapies for solid tumors, but the same approach can be adopted by using an innovative solution.

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